Minor League Lookout: Alcidies Escobar

For many of you this may be the first time you have ever heard
this name, but in the very near future, it will become another one of
those household names like Ryan Braun, Ben Sheets and C.C Sabathia.
Escobar the twenty-two year old shortstop out of La Sabana, Venezuela
has caught the attention of many major league scouts for milwaukee.
Escobar has just been outstanding, since he arrived in the professional
baseball scene in 2007. When he began his young career in Single-A he
was hitting a solid .325 in 268 AB’s, but in mid-june he got the call
to report to Class- Double A, Huntsville. There he hit a decent .283
average, impresive for a rookie shortstop. But in 2008 he really showed
the scouts what he could do, he spent all of the 08′ season in
Huntsville where he batted a fantastic .328 with 8 homers, and 76
RBI’s. Good right? Well sure Alcidies has a good bat, the stats show
it. But there is something that has attracted scouts to him even more
then his bat. Did i mention hes an even better shortstop?
i have to say is that in a couple years it is very likely Escobar will
be the one getting the walkoff hits, and J.J Hardy will be selling
Penuts to the fans. They Sure Grow Them Good Venezuela dont they?

Brewers Lineup Prediction

With the regular season approaching, i thought it’s time i make the brewers 2009 lineup predictions. So here we go.

– Corey Hart – RF – Corey was mixed around in the order quite a bit in
the 2008 season, but i think the brewers will finally come to their
senses, and relize that corey hart is the ultimate leadoff hitter. Hes
fast, he gets on base, and hes Mr. Cluth

2nd – J.J Hardy – SS –
J.J’s bat exploded in mid season last year and just missed making the
cut for the 2008 all star game, this year j.j will make that cut and
have the highlight of his career in 09.

3rd – Ryan Braun – LF –
This is a no brainer, last season the brewers experimented with braun
batting in both third and fourth, only to find his most productive
at-bats came in the number three hole.

4th – Prince Fielder – 1B
– If Prince returns to Milwaukee in 09′, he will be expected to be
batting cleanup and hitting around 50 homers. The fact is this is
Milwaukee, its not easy being the cleanup hitter here, in Milwaukee
about three guys will hit 30+ homers a year.

5th – Rickie Weeks
– 2B – Milwaukee will finally relize after all the years of watching
Rickie bat .250 with 12 home runs, that he is not the kind of guy you
like leading off the inninng.

6th – Mike Cameron – CF – If
Cameron end up in Milwaukee, he will either be in the number six or
number two hole. He just doesnt fit anywhere else.

7th – Bill
Hall – 3B – Sadley, after a strong 2006 season when Billy blasted 36
long balls and over 100 RBI’s, he has slipped the last couple of years
and wont be happy with his drop in the lineup card on opening day.

– Jason Kendell – C – Kendell is in Milwaukee strictly for defensive
perposes and will not reach any higher in the lineup, then 7th.

Thoughts On Trevor Hoffman

On January 8th, 2009, the Milwaukee Brewers made their first big
move of the 2009 season in acquiring Trevor Hoffman, former San Diego
Padres star closer. Hoffman is considered by many the greatest closer
that ever lived, reaching unthinkable milestones such as his incredible
554 career saves over 75 career saves over the former save leader Lee
Smith, and thats before Hoffman’s career has even ended.
Why This Could Be A Good Deal?

has obviously shown the baseball world, his dominance throughout his
career. He still has a lot of talent and he is known for being a
positive influence in the club house. With his incredible pitching and
his good leadership abilitys, the brewers may soon find out they made
the right move.
Why This Could Be a Bad Deal?

cant forget, Hoffman is still 41 years old, and his pitching may catch
up to his age come the 2009 season. Lets hope the brewers wont regret
this deal like that of Eric Gagne.
Overall Prediction?

hard to say this early, nobody can ever accurately predict a season
without seeing any playing. So i along with all other brewers fans,
will have to wait and see weather Hoffman will be the next Eric Gagne
or the next Fransisco Cordero.